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Our Vision: "KDC exists to be the leader in innovative
electromagnetic measurement technology for industrial applications."

KDC Technology Corporation is pioneering the market in innovative microwave sensor technology for monitoring industrial processes and quality control. We focus on in-situ and online determination of material properties that are critical to efficient plant and manufacturing operations, to product quality control, and to product certification. KDC sensors excell in a wide range of applications: monitoring moisture and density of manufactured wood and wood-based products, construction, agricultural, and processed food products; monitoring dielectric properties of materials; in nondestructive evaluation of composite and fiber reinforced plastic materials; in monitoring the dynamic cure of thermoset and thermoplastic polymers and of pressed wood panels. In keeping with this pioneering tradition, KDC is continuously developing new sensor technology that reduces cost while improving performance and expanding into new applications and products.

KDC has overcome many of the technological barriers that previously have precluded the widespread use of microwave sensors in industrial applications by introducing cost-effective, dual-parameter microwave sensors. Thus, two material (process) parameters can be measured simultaneously and independently using only one sensor, as described in the Sensing Principles page. These sensors  satisfy many market needs that are not now being met, i.e., the ability to monitor the  complex dielectric properties that relate to fundamental physical properties of industrial materials, on line and in real time.

KDC is a California corporation. Beginning in 1987, KDC's technology has been built on winning multiple, highly competitive Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants and contracts from the US Departments of Agriclture, Air Force, Navy, Commerce, and Health (National Cancer Institute), plus conventional contracts with commercial institutes and military agencies. All of these efforts had a common objective of developing innovative sensors that meet identified  needs of  the sponsors. As a result of such externally funded projects in addition to internal development efforts, KDC has exclusive rights for commercial development and marketing of these unique technologies.

KDC's portfolio includes:

  • basic patents for microwave open-resonator sensors,
  • a track record of technical innovations in sensor concepts,
  • proprietary interpretive models (algorithms) for determining dependent physical parameters from measured dielectric parameters,
  • recognized expertise in designing and building microwave sensors and instrumentation,
  • numerous publications in professional journals and books,
  • many man-years of practical experience in understanding how microwaves interact with materials.
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