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The MMA-2000 Microwave Moisture Analyzer System

MMA 2000 Control Enclosure. A sensor enclosure that contains the horn antennas and microwave electronics is separate, e.g., see photos below.

2-Channel, "double-bounce" sensor enclosure (6 horns + microwave electronics) installed above a 5ft wide particle board caul conveyor. The conduit on the left extends to the control enclosure. Here, the MMA monitors the mat basis weights [both wet (Mtot) and dry (Md)] and moisture content [%mc].

1-Channel "double-bounce" MMA sensor enclosure (3 horns + microwave electronics seen at upper center ) temporarily mounted over a 5 ft wide MDF mat on a metal screen conveyor. An unrelated IR moisture gauge is also seen at lower center. The control enclosure is shown at right. Here, the MMA monitors the MDF mat basis weights [both wet (Mtot) and dry (Md)] and moisture content [%mc].

3-Channel "double-bounce" sensor enclosure (center) mounted above an 8 ft wide fiberglass wool mat that is conveyed by a composite belt that slides over a stationary metal reflecting plate. The control enclosure is seen at the lower left. Moisture content at about 2% is being monitored for control of the downstream drying oven.

The MMA-2000 is the most advanced noncontacting two-parameter microwave sytem available for continuous, online monitoring of industrial material bulk properties such as moisture content (mc) and basis weight [mass per unit area]. This system is ideal for monitoring moving panels and bulk granular/particulate materials that are being transported by a conveyor or shaker, or by gravity flow in a hopper. Advanced features include:

  • Bulk moisture content and basis weight are measured simultaneously and independently*
  • Noncontacting mass transport scale*
  • Compensated for wave reflections at air/material interfaces*
  • One-way, two-way,* or four-way ("double-bounce")* through-transmission sensing
  • Temperature compensation
  • Microprocessor-based, automatic and user-friendly
  • Computation of complex dielectric properties*
  • Wide dynamic ranges of material moisture and thickness
  • Industrialized, user friendly packaging
  • Environmentally safe

* These features are all unique to the MMA-2000

The control enclosure that is mounted beneath an elevated MDF metal screen conveyor is shown at top center. A monitor and keyboard are temporatily used for instrument setup.

Click here to download technical specifications about the MMA-2000 Moisture and Dielectric Analyzer System.

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