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Industrial Applications

The following is a partial list of organic and inorganic industrial materials for which the MDA-1000 or MMA-2000 on-line sensors can be used to determine material properties. Applications to items marked with an asterisk (*) have been given special testing. Contact KDC for more details.

Organic Materials

Food and Agriculture


grains (all)* seeds* peas fertilizers
coffee beans popcorn tobacco

Meals & powders

corn meal* bran*
flour etc.

Baked foods

packaged Fig Newtons* cereals* cookies
packaged Graham Crackers* bread  

Processed foods

spices (incl. chopped onions* & garlic*) confections*
dehydrated foods freeze-dried foods
instant foods dough*

Nuts & dried fruit

almonds*, walnuts, pistachio, etc.
dried apricots, apples, cranberries*, raisons, prunes

Dairy products

cheese & cheese spreads butter


cooking oils margarines

Animal feed

meal* forage
pulp, etc.  

Compost & Humus

Forest and Wood-Based Composite Products

Wood Particulates (w & w/o Resin):

sawdust* chips* flakes*
fibers* strangs* particles*

Wood-based panels:

Med. Density Fiberboard* Oriented Strandboard*
Particleboard* Wood/Plastic-based Composite

Inorganic Materials

Fiberglass Wool* Clays (Kaolin*, Bauxite*)
Chopped Fiberglass* Wall Board
Coal Flyash*
Sand & Gravel Concrete*
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